Friday, 17 October 2014

David Moyes disappointed by Manchester United's failure to 'fulfil' his six-year contract

DAVID MOYES has revealed his disappointment with Manchester United for not giving him the opportunity to fulfill his six-year plan.

The former Everton boss put pen to paper on a lucrative contract in July 2013, but was given his marching orders just nine-months into the long-term deal after a series of dismal results.
Despite struggling under Moyes, United's squad was clearly in dire need of rejuvenation - as demonstrated with Louis Van Gaal's £150m splurge this summer. 
This is perhaps the source of Moyes' frustration - perhaps feeling he's been scapegoated for the ailing squad left for him by Sir Alex Ferguson.
Speaking to the BBC, Moyes said: "I got the job and I expected it to be a six-year plan.
"I signed a six-year contract... disappointed it didn't go to plan. I expected to be given an opportunity to fulfil that and it wasn't what was expected.
"It was really difficult when I lost the job initially because I didn't really see it coming, even though I had been losing games.
"I knew that it could be difficult but I joined a club that I felt stood behind their managers, made sure they supported them in difficult times. And, you know, Sir Alex had difficult times when he first took over.
"And I do understand that the landscape has changed a little bit in football, but I think that United always stood for the right things and I expected them to do what was right with me."
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